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Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra and Aria Lights, Inc. partner to provide new lighting for all KSO musicians


Kalamazoo, MI June 16, 2016 – The Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra announces the purchase of new Aria music stand lighting to improve performance quality through excellent stage conditions for all musicians in the orchestra. Aria Diva lights are top in the industry and are used by many leading orchestras in the US including Cleveland, Philadelphia, New York, Dallas, and Houston.
In the music industry, eye strain is a major health hazard for musicians, particularly under theatrical lights which cast multiple shadows and make it difficult to read, particularly during pops and special event concerts. Better lighting, which removes shadows from a musician’s music, allows the performer to focus on the conductor and ensemble rather than straining their eyes to make out notations. Lighting technology has made leaps and bounds in recent years and the quality and quantity of light available from the new standard of LED is incredible when compared to the Manhasset stand lights of previous generations.
In the spring of 2015, after several discussions regarding light quality for musicians on stage, the KSO management team reached out to the Chair of the Musician’s Committee to poll the orchestra musicians regarding their preference for new stand lights. The Aria Diva is their preferred light source above all other models on the market. Peter Hildebrandt, owner of Aria Lights, Inc., is committed to creating the best possible performance environment for musicians using Aria products. Aria has been responsive to feedback from the orchestra and willing to work with the KSO to meet our specific needs through excellent customer service.
Nola Thole, Chair of the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra Musicians' Committee, states, “Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra Musicians certainly believe that the new Aria stand lights contribute to improving the quality of our performances. Truly seeing each and every detail of musical notation without distracting shadows contributes to a confident performance free of the tension and the frustration caused by eyestrain. And, no more accidental, painful burns from the awkward page turns necessitated by our old, hot stand lights.  Now we look forward to performing the pit work and pop genre concerts in the knowledge that special theatrical lighting effects will not interfere with our ability to treat our audiences to great musical experiences."
The KSO believes in providing the best environment possible to help our musicians attain the highest level of performance. The quality and consistency of light for the musicians allows us to venture into new territory with concert event production. We now have the freedom, without limitations, to enhance the concert experience for our patrons without negative side effects of accent lighting for our performers. For a regional orchestra like ours, investing in the musicians and their wellbeing during rehearsals and concerts is an integral part of our artistic operations. Investing in the performance environment for our musicians is part of our strategic plan moving forward into our 100th anniversary in 2020-2021.

Visit www.kalamazoosymphony.com for up-to-date information, details and schedules.  Prices, artists, dates, time and program are subject to change without notice.
The Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra receives major support from the Irving S. Gilmore Foundation, the Kalamazoo Community Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs.  The Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra also receives generous support from other local, state and national foundations, as well as private and corporate support.  For more information, visit www.kalamazoosymphony.com.
About the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra
Founded in 1921, the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra is Southwest Michigan’s premier musical organization, providing musical enrichment to over 80,000 adults and youth per year.  The third-largest professional orchestra in the state, the KSO has won numerous awards and grants, including the Met Life Award for Arts Access in Underserved Communities, the National Endowment for the Arts for its extensive education programs, and a major Ford Foundation grant to found its innovative Artist-in-Residence program.

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