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Board of Directors

KSO's Board of Directors is a group of committed community volunteers who establish policy for the institution, actively work to further the mission of the KSO, and ensure that the KSO meets the needs of the community for years to come.

Pamela Enslen, Chair
Renee M. Pearl, Chair Elect
Ronald P. Foor, Treasurer
Yolonda Lavender, Secretary
Curtis Hall, Member-at-Large


Rehema Barber
Heidi M. Berven
James Bridenstine
Daniel Brier, ex officio
Fiona Denny
Andy Dominianni
Thomas L. Drews
Jessica Mallow Gulley, ex officio
Bronwyn Haltom
Stephanie Hinman
Hal B. Jenson, MD
Patricia Kenter
Fritz Klug
Julian Kuerti, ex officio 
Colleen McBride, KSO League
Amy Remmert, KSO League 
Diane Robertson
Jane Rooks Ross
Michael Schlack
Stephanie Slingerland
Scott Sperry
Jack VanSlambrouck
Ruth Wiser
Lynn L. Chen-Zhang