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Leaving Your Legacy

Planned Giving

There are many ways to leave your legacy through the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra. When you choose to include the KSO in your estate planning, you become a member of the Leta Snow Legacy Society. The members of our legacy society care deeply about keeping the music alive in our community for generations to come. 

Here are some examples of what KSO donors are doing now to support the Symphony in the future: 

* Naming the Symphony in their will (bequest) to receive a percentage or fixed amount of their remaining estate. 

* Naming the Symphony as owner or beneficiary of their retirement instrument or life insurance policy (existing or new policies). 

* Setting up a Charitable Remainder Trust so that they and their beneficiaries can receive life income payments while making a future provision for the Symphony (Unitrusts - variable income, Annuity Trusts - fixed income). 

* Starting a Charitable Gift Annuity which is owned by the KSO but pays a fixed income to the donor for life. 

* Participating in a Pooled Income Trust whereby the assets of several donors are combined into a single fund.

Please contact the KSO office at (269) 349-7759 to find out more about leaving a legacy gift to the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra. Because there are many ways to make a legacy gift, we urge you to consult with your financial advisor to determine which is right for you