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Partner School Program

KSO Partner SchoolsKSO Partner Schools is an arts-integrated, sequential program linking classroom curriculum with music and art. The partnership includes the following:

  • A resident KSO musician "adopts" your school each year, visiting students during music class to introduce his or her instrument, present basic music concepts, and engage in a collaborative performance of students' creative work.
  • A sequence of lessons for each grade connects classroom, art and music concepts, culminating with the KSO musician visit and performance.
  • A performance by a KSO ensemble and a workshop with a special musical guest take place in your school each year, and students and teachers are invited to come to KSO Youth and Family concerts.
  • You may elect to have additional visits by your resident artist or by a different KSO teaching artist during music class to explore and experience works of art through hands-on inquiry, questioning, movement, and music making. These visits can connect to a KSO ensemble visit, your Youth Concert experience or support a class project!
  • Introduction videos of your visiting musician are sent to you before your musician's visit.
  • Personal voice messages are sent to you to give your students an opportunity to peek into the daily activities of a professional musician.
  • New technology and media resources are integrated into your lesson plans.

Why Would I Consider this Partnership for My School?

As a KSO Partner School, you and your students gain access to community resources and professional musical offerings for your students. Benefits include:

  • Recognition as one of only 10 KSO Partner Schools!
  • Community support of your school music program!
  • Age appropriate activities and programs!
  • A sequence of experiences that create a lasting impact!
  • A powerful tool for development of student curiosity and lifelong exploration and listening skills!

What is the Partner School Curriculum?

Part 1: Classroom teachers facilitate an interactive lesson in the curricular area of literature, math, science, or life skills.
Part 2: Art and music teachers facilitate lessons that build on the classroom lesson with musical and visual arts activities.
Part 3: The KSO musician brings the sequence to the final creative form in an interactive, creative activity. The musician also performs for the students.
Part 4: Additional lessons and support are given to your music program to fit your needs in collaboration with your music teacher.

Concerts for You and Your Students!

KSO Youth Concert
Pre-concert curriculum followed by performance at Chenery Auditorium. You have the option to supplement the curriculum with class visits by a teaching artist before your students come to Chenery Auditorium!

KSO Ensemble Concert
In-school performance by KSO String, Woodwind, Brass, or Percussion Ensemble. You have the option to build in class visits by a teaching artist to prepare your students for the performance!

KSO Family Discovery Concerts
Family Passes are provided for the school to distribute. Extra passes may be purchased at below subscription prices!

KSO Teacher Tickets
$10 tickets for each teacher and their guest to a concert of their choice!

What are the Financial and Administrative Commitments?

Commitment of Partners
The Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra and each partner school contribute to the administration and finances of the program. KSO will cover the majority of the costs.

Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra
Financial investment: $6,974 per school, including in-school artist fees ($3,091), printing and materials ($65), administrative support ($560), and concert costs ($3258).

Partner School
Cost share: You have 3 options to help support your music program!
1. $1300 for 12 school visits and 12 Family Passes OR
2. $1600 16 school visits and 16 Family Passes OR
3. $1900 20 school visits and 20 Family Passes
You may add additional visits at a discounted rate of $55 per visit.
You may add additional Family Passes at a discounted rate of $25 each.

KSO Administrative Staff Commits to

  • Program development and curriculum refinement
  • Teacher meetings
  • Musician training
  • Scheduling
  • Classroom activity and concert preparation materials
  • Program evaluation

School Administrator and Staff Commits to

  • Music teacher (or designated faculty) agrees to organize and lead the partnership for the school
  • One faculty orientation within the first 4 weeks of the school year with all participating classroom, art, and music teachers (10 minutes at regular staff meeting or in-service)
  • Classroom, art and music teachers agree to implement their elements of the curriculum
  • Music or Classroom teachers will distribute Family Discovery Concert Family Passes
  • All faculty participate in program evaluation (online surveys)
  • Music teacher/partnership coordinator (and 1 or more additional staff when requested) attend an annual planning meeting in late May/early June

Application and Financial Information

When openings for new Partner Schools are available, application materials will be posted here in December, with applications due in early February, for implementation the following September.    

Funding Assistance for Your School
To help fund your portion of the collaboration consider your own PTO, local foundations or school foundations, or writing an EFA grant.