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GERSHWIN: Rhapsodies

Kevin Cole, piano

GERSHWIN: Rhapsodies

Daniel Brier, Conductor, & Kevin Cole, Piano
Saturday, October 26, 2019 at 8:00pm
Miller Auditorium

Charting a musical voyage from Tin Pan Alley to St. Petersburg.

One of the great American composers of the Jazz age, Gershwin's two Rhapsodies for piano and orchestra are the highlight of the evening. With Gershwin's distinctly American style, the orchestra will be crowing like a big band. Two orchestral showpieces—featuring the orchestra in all its virtuosity—open and close the program.

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Featured Artists

Daniel Brier, conductor
Kevin Cole, piano


LIGETI                          Concert Românesc
GERSHWIN                  Rhapsody in Blue
                                            Kevin Cole, piano
                                      New York Rhapsody
                                            Kevin Cole, piano
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV   Capriccio espagnol