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Getting Tickets & Watching Concerts

Updated December 18, 2020 | All programs, artists and prices are subject to change

2021 Summer Season

We are back and beyond excited to offer in-person concerts again! We have several outdoor concerts planned in June, July, and August. More information will be posted here as it's available.

2020-21 Season & Digital Concert Hall Performances

We are excited to continue to share music with you in new ways this digital season!

As important as music is to us, safety remains our number one priority and informs every step we take. We will be offering online, virtual options for nearly every concert so you can participate from home. When we do come together, whether as small ensemble groups to record or with a limited audience, we will implement and enforce strict safety protocols. These will include mandatory face coverings and physical distancing, in accordance with OSHA and CDC guidelines and state and local policies.

General Information

Most of our concerts require pre-registration or ticketing so we can follow up with links for streamed concerts or with electronic tickets for in-person performances. We are pleased to offer a flexible Name-Your-Price system that offers no- or low-cost registration and suggests minimum price amounts for those who want to give that amount or more to help offset concert costs and support our musicians.

To ensure that you receive important emails we recommend adding the following email addresses to your email program's address book:

  • webmaster@kalamazoosymphony.com (receipts, tickets, concert links)
  • info@kalamazoosymphony.com (concert updates, cancellation notices, newsletters)

Common Questions

  • Will I receive tickets after I place an order?

  • What is "Name-Your-Price"?

    • Name-Your-Price is a pricing model that allows you to determine your own ticket price at checkout. We have adopted this model for a number of concerts this season. While tickets may be reserved for free, various concerts may offer a suggested price per ticket, which helps us offset production costs and support our musicians.

  • What are my options if I can no longer attend a stream or a live concert?

    • In the event of an illness or conflict, you may: request a refund; credit the amount to your account; donate the tickets to the KSO to offset production costs; exchange the tickets for a different concert; or receive credit via a gift certificate. Please follow the instructions below to make a request:

      1. Log in to your account and navigate to your Upcoming Events page
      2. Click on the "Request a Return" button for the concert in question
      3. Choose the type of return, exchange, or credit you'd like from the list of options, and then click on "Submit Request"
      4. Please be aware that credits will expire August 31, 2021. Credits may be applied to summer 2021 concert ticket purchases.
  • Can I still purchase tickets through Miller Auditorium?

    • Miller Auditorium operations are suspended in compliance with state COVID-19 guidelines. Their ticket office is closed, and KSO patrons should plan to manage their ticket and reservation requests directly with KSO. You may do this in one of the following ways:

      1. Order directly from our online box office
      2. Order by email at info@kalamazoosymphony.com
      3. Leave a voicemail at (269) 349-7759
  • How do I watch a concert that is streamed online?

    How do I get KSO Gift Certificates?

    • Currently, while our concerts are available online, KSO Gift Certificates aren't available. If you have questions, please contact our Patron Services Manager at hjames@kalamazoosymphony.com.

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