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bronson park

Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra Applauds Kalamazoo Symphonic Musicians’ Summer Park Concert Initiative


Kalamazoo, MI July 20, 2016 - The Kalamazoo Symphonic Musicians, an organization that includes musicians of the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra living in our area, have taken it upon themselves to offer a free summer afternoon concert in Bronson park on Friday, August 26 at 7:00 p.m. “We applaud this initiative,” said Peter H. Gistelinck, President & CEO of the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra. “Not only is the return of the Summer Park Concerts an important goal in the KSO’s Strategic Plan, but the fact that our musicians have now taken it upon themselves to initiate this concert and are volunteering their time, is incredible. Especially during their annual vacation month of August, which is the month in which the KSO cannot plan any concerts for them.”

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