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Education & Community

KSO Marvelous Music Girl_violinEducation & Community Programs provide individuals skills, access, and experiences needed to foster a lifelong interest in orchestral music as performers and/or listeners. Learn more about the instruments and musicians, and check out our online resources.

At any age, we encourage you to get involved through our education programs for pre-school and elementary aged children, middle and high schoolers, university and college students, and adults!

You can also take this opportunity to request a performance or an education program in your community!

Watch video from the League of American Orchestras on the importance of orchestras in our communities.

Funding is available through grants for your K-12 transportation needs for our 2014 Youth Concerts. Click here for more information.

Your Award-Winning KSO

Over the past decade, the KSO earned awards and accolades from near and far. The honors not only spotlight the orchestra, they also illuminate the excellence of the Greater Kalamazoo community to the entire nation.

Some notable honors include:

2008 MetLife Award for Arts Access

2007 Music Alive Meet the Composer/League of American Orchestras award

2003 League of American Orchestras Silver Award for a KSO Education program

2000 Ford Foundation leadership grant

(more info on awards)

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