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The KSO has provided the following links to assist you with finding tools regarding symphonic music! We have resources for the following channels:


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Kalamazoo Music

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Learning Music

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Music Education Advocacy

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Web Writings on Music

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KSO Youth Concert Resources for Teachers

  • Sight to Sound Youth Concert Teacher Guide
  • Sight to Sound Youth Concert Student Guide
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    Some Irreverant Do's and Don'ts of the Symphony

    • Do drag your "sports-enthusiast" husband at least once a year;

      Don't allow him to listen to the game during the performance

    • Do freshen up before coming to the concert;

      Don't bathe in perfume or cologne

    • Do read the program notes prior to the concert;

      Don't read the program notes aloud to your spouse during the concert

    • Do unwrap your soothing throat lozenge prior to the concert;

      Don't shout "Ooooh, that's brisk!" when the mentho-lyptus kicks in

    • Do expose your young children to the thrill of live music;

      Don't change your child's diaper in the aisle

    • Do silence your cell phone, pager, etc. prior to the concert;

      Don't make a call just as the lights go down for the concert to begin

    • Do have a great time and enjoy the concert;

      Don't rush out the door to beat the traffic while the last note is still reverberating in the hall

    Have your own "do's and don'ts?" Let us know and we may add yours!

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