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The Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra Staff ensure that the administrative, development, education, finance, marketing, and general operations of the concerts and events are efficient and running smoothly. Please feel free to email us via the links below.

General Information Questions, Requests
Ticketing Issues, Questions, Requests
Webmaster Website Issues, Requests

Raymond Harvey, Music Director
Peter H. Gistelinck, President & CEO
Mary Foley Wilson, Executive Assistant

Artistic Operations & New Media
Sarah Clapp, Vice President
Frank Silva, Personnel Manager
Evan Menz, Stage Manager
Sara Rogers, Librarian & New Media Manager
Stephanie Torok, Assistant Librarian

Education & Community Partnerships
Elizabeth Youker, Vice President
Cori Somers, Director of Educational Partnerships
Jane Rooks Ross, Director of Marvelous Music!
Frank Silva, Personnel Manager
Evan Menz, Stage Manager

Development & Communications
Kym Mulhern, Vice President
Nikki Statler, Director of Sales & Marketing
Suzanne Weeldreyer, Director of Patron Development
Rebecca Dube, Box Office & Subscriptions Manager

Finance & Administration
Kurt Voissem/Kurt Voissem & Associates, GL Business Solutions, Financial Consultant
Terri Hunter, Senior Accountant
Melissa Shufelt, Accountant
Mary Foley Wilson, Office Manager
Frank Silva, IT Liaison

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