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Board of Directors

KSO's Board of Directors is a group of committed community volunteers who establish policy for the institution, actively work to further the mission of the KSO, and ensure that the KSO meets the needs of the community for years to come.


Doug Phillips, President
Janice M. Brown, President-Elect
Jamie Williams, Treasurer
Steven P. Kreider, Assistant Treasurer
Pamela Enslen, Secretary
Dean Miars, Member-at-Large


Callie Baskerville-Jones
Jill Bland
Fiona Denny
Becky Eklund
Bjorn Green
Lori Knapp
Synthia Hardy
Mary Lam-Rodrigues (KSOL President)
Craig Lubben
Dave Mange
Jim McIntyre
James C. Melvin
Helen B. Osterwald
David Peshlaki (Musician Representative)
Diane S. Robertson
Barry F. Ross
Nola Thole (Musician Representative)
Jim Thomas
Pete Thomas
Darlene Warren (KSOL President-Elect)
Tim Williams
Ruth Wiser

KSO Founder

Leta G. Snow

Any history of the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra must begin with its founder, Mrs. Leta G. Snow. From its conception until her retirement, Mrs. Snow was the prime force behind the orchestra. In the spring of 1921, she envisioned a Twin Cities Orchestra for Kalamazoo and Battle Creek and presented her idea to fifteen other musicians at a meeting in her home.

The group organized the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra. Its first concert was on December 19, 1921, at the Masonic Temple under conductor Chester Z. Bronson.

Leta Snow was inducted into the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame in 2008. (more info)

Kalamazoo Symphony
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