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Family Discovery & KSO Kids

The KSO Family Discovery concerts offer an amazing opportunity to introduce children of all ages to symphonic music. These concerts blend some of the most beautiful musical compositions with familiar stories, dances and performers that children easily relate too.

Family Discovery Series

A delightfully entertaining introduction to symphonic music for children ages 4 and up, the KSO's Family Discovery Series at Chenery Auditorium engages children (and adults!) with great music and interactive drama. The concert lasts about one hour, but come early for the pre-concert activities!

2014-2015 Season

Grinch Logo   Peter Vs the Wolf

"How the Grinch Stole Christmas"

by Dr. Seuss
Sunday, December 7, 2014, 3 pm
Chenery Auditorium

Adapted for orchestra and stage by Tyler White and Tim Marrone , this delightful children's story is coming to Chenery Auditorium. Join the KSO and guests as they present the fun Dr. Seuss family classic.... "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."


Family Discovery tickets make great holiday gifts. Ask today about signing your child up for KSO Kids!

Peter VS. the Wolf


Sunday, February 8, 2015 | 3 pm
Chenery Auditorium

Have you ever heard the story of Peter and the Wolf?

In Justin Locke's hilarious spin on the original Russian tale, the Wolf stands trial for "Duckicide in the first degree, with one gulp." With Prokofiev's original music presented in court as evidence, the Wolf cross-examines individual members of the orchestra on the stand and presents his case to the audience, which also acts as the jury. This lively new introduction to the instruments of the orchestra is like no other version of "Peter and the Wolf" we've ever seen. Smiles guaranteed!

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Subscribe to this season's Family Discovery Series and your child will have the chance to partake in special club activities! Call the KSO office for Subscriptions today! (269) 349-7759!

Before each Family Discovery concert your child will have the opportunity to meet the Maestro and guest performers from the concert, play with instruments at the KSO Instrument Petting Zoo and have a pre-concert snack.

Throughout the year each KSO Kid will receive a birthday card on their special day and receive a quarterly newsletter. Newsletters will be addressed to each child and contain information on upcoming events sponsored by the KSO, special musical puzzles and facts and will include a special surprise. Each member will also receive a cool club bracelet!

Call the KSO office for Family Discovery Subscriptions! (269) 349-7759

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