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KSO Youth Concerts 2017: Write Your Story

Registration for the 2016-17 school year has closed.

Concert Dates: February 13-17, 2017

KSO Youth Concerts

Free Program:

Thanks to the generosity of many foundations, sponsors and individuals, participation in the KSO Youth Concert program is free of charge to schools. (Value: $7 per student!)

Preparing for a great concert experience:

Preparing your students for the concert is important, and we've made it easy! A team of professional music teachers and KSO staff have designed learning materials to introduce students to the music and composers. These lessons support the overall music curriculum and are aligned with Michigan Standards and Benchmarks and GLCE's. A packet, including Teacher Guide, Student Guide, and CD, will be mailed when we receive your registration form. When students are familiar with the music, the live concert becomes an exciting, culminating experience!

Busing Assistance:

Partial busing reimbursement is offered to help make this field trip possible. You will receive a form later, but for your planning, the scholarship is as follows:

  • KRESA schools: Schools pay $25 per bus, and Education for the Arts will provide the remainder of the balance.
  • Non-KRESA schools: $1 per student, not exceed 50% of total cost of trip (provided by KSO)

Registration: Registration begins September 1st and closes November 1st for every new school year.

KSO Youth Concerts

2017 Youth Concert curriculum and links

YouTube 2017 Youth Concert Playlist

Standards & Benchmarks