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March Art Hop

Karen Richards Pastels

March Art Hop

Epic Center
Friday, March 4, 2016 at 5:00pm
Epic Center, Downtown Kalamazoo
Community and Education

The KSO will feature Kalamazoo artist, Karen Richard, during the March Art Hop.  Come and explore her beautiful pastel compositions and kiln fused glass creations.

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Artist Statement:

My education and career were focused on the sciences, and I spent my adult work life doing basic medical and pharmaceutical research. During that time i managed to expand an interest in art that my father fostered in my sisters and me, by continuing to visit museums, galleries, and art exhibits, whenever home locale and travels provided the opportunity for such exposure.

After retiring, I began to explore the possiblility of learning to draw/paint by taking classes at the Kalamazoo Instititue of Art. In addition to the Pastel classes I also enrolled in Kiln Fused Glass classes, both have provided endless hours of learning and expanding my interesest and abilities.  In the last few years, i have had the privilege to attend workshops with a numbe rof outstanding pastel artists. Pastel painitng and glass mosaics have become my passion, and I look forward to many years of contnined challenge and learning.